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Dazed and Cofused

Posted on: October 21, 2008 4:35 pm

Seeing the unveiling of the computer rankings for the first time this year left me a little puzzed.  In a time when the computer system is so unfavorable, this is not what college football fans wanted to see.  Many teams fall victim of the computer while others seem to gain.  Some unbiased things to ponder.  Rankings for the Computer are not total BCS average, just the Computers.

1.  USC beats Ohio State 35-3 and yet they are ranked #10 vs. Ohio State being ranked #5... Not a fan of either team but seems weird?

2.  I can't seem to find Florida.  I guess if the AP Polls and Coaches Polls are completely innacurate Florida should be ranked #12.  Yea the loss to Ole Miss didn't help, but a 7 spot swing for the AP (#5) vs. the Computer Rankings (#12)?

3.  Where's the love for Joe Pa?  I think that most people agree that Penn St. deserves the #3 spot (if not #2).  Well beside the computers that put them at #7.

4.  Sorry TX Tech, you would be out of the Top 10 also, down to #11.

5.  Georgia tech would benefit and be ranked 3 spots higher than LSU?  Isn't Georgia Tech in the dismal ACC this year?

Two big things that seem to be on track with the other world is TX at #1 and Alabama at #2.  This of course is still up for debate and there is a long season still ahead. 

I wonder how many changes will happen to the BCS process next year?  Pretty soon they will have so many changes, they will end up going back to the way it was before we even had the BCS.  Or maybe, just maybe..... playoffs?

So... What are your thoughts?


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